About Us

Our Mission

Building relationships, one house at a time.

When starting HDZ Builders in 2009, Adam and Lisa Hernandez sought to help family and friends with unique home renovations and special projects. Over the past 10+ years, the company has transitioned into an inclusive custom home and residential construction company in northern Harris County, Washington County, Grimes County and surrounding areas.

Adam and Lisa met at Sam Houston State University where they were both studying agriculture and education. After graduating college, they both became high school agriculture teachers and after a few years, were drawn back to their roots. Adam went to work for a builder in Houston, where his projects were recognized by the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA). During this time is when he realized his passion for the customization process and working with customers on incorporating unique additions and artistry into their homes. Lisa opted to pursue education leadership, where she helped grow vocational programs in schools so that all children had a pathway post-high school, whether they be college-bound or skilled vocational careers.

They both knew their biggest professional rewards were when projects were finished successfully and they got a chance to see the reaction and happiness of the people they were working with --- the customers for Adam and the students for Lisa. A couple of deep conversations and joint projects later, they decided to bring together everything they enjoyed the most. They launched HDZ Builders and committed to their goal of building relationships, one house at a time.

Adam worked at Goodchild Builders, a 40+ year old company started by his Dad and his longtime business partner Steve Goodchild, where he learned the ins and outs of building and remodeling homes. As a kid during summer breaks, Lisa quite often went to work with her Dad, where she built toys and played with scrap building materials while her Dad worked. So today, with HDZ Builders, they draw upon the foundation that they both got by growing up around construction and now continuously apply new trends and customization to their projects based on each customer's individual style and needs. 

Adam and Lisa are the parents of four children and when they’re not at work or at one of their own kids’ activities, you’ll find them supporting various youth programs throughout Texas. The HDZ family is a proud supporter of Camp for All, Casa de Esperanza de los Niños, Washington County Fair, Rodeo Houston, and the Texas majors livestock shows and rodeos.

Ready to start your next project?

Whether you’re starting at the blueprints phase or if you are simply in need of buildout ideas, give us a call to get your project started. We will work with you through consultation and project management to make sure your vision becomes reality, and you see the home, building or room of your dreams. No project is too small, and no detail is overlooked.